Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vigor of waxing

Hammered by a thing called homesickness.

Because--a home is a place where you understand the avenues. A prayer to simplicity.

Travel is upending, play.

Both are valuable, but I persist in the notion that travel is a means to a better, deeper, stiller notion of home.
Night bus from Potosi to Cochabamba. Dogs desultory on dusty streets. Headlights illuminating startling curves and sharp drops. Trash and toilets that make no attempt to hide the bodily functions they exist to contain. And still this is the most beautiful country. Gracias por todos.


  1. Hi Liesel, it's Randy Moench. Your Dad sent me your blog link. I can't quite figure what country your in. But do try to go see the great astronomical observatories in Chile, Parnal I think, run by the European Space Agency - ESO

  2. my therapist said maybe I missed out on adolesence.

    made me think about the things we'd do. remember locking keys in the car? pennies, carrots, apples, spoons, santa-hat and hot-chocolate. and our failed attempt to spend 24 hours with Brent.

    haffun dirtyknees