Monday, November 23, 2009

Samaipata, Bolivia

unmanned, ppl. a.

1. Not furnished with men or with a crew (cf. MAN v. 1). 1544 BETHAM Precepts War II. li. Liij, That he leaue not his campe vndefenced and vnmanned. 1592 KYD Sp. Trag. IV. iv. 211 Set me with himVpon the maine mast of a..ship vnmand. 1670 MILTON Hist. Eng. I. 5 Not put to death, but turn'd out to Sea in a Ship unmann'd. 1726 POPE Iliad XXII. 469 See, if already their deserted towers Are left unmann'd.

2. a. Devoid of a man; empty. 1602 WARNER Alb. Eng. XII. lxix. 291 At first she feares, but lastly findes the Armor was vn-man'd.

b. Unsupported by men; unassisted. c1620 [FLETCHER & MASS.] Trag. Barnavelt IV. i. in Bullen O. Pl. (1883) II. 271 Make haste, he is yet unmand: we may come time enough To enter with him.

c. Unoccupied by men; unpeopled.

3. Not trained or broken in; spec. of a hawk. 1592 SHAKES. Rom. & Jul. III. ii. 14 Come ciuill night,..Hood my vnman'd blood bayting in my Cheekes, With thy Blacke mantle. 1611 COTGR. s.v. Acheter, Buy a house made, and a wife vnmand. 1623 J. TAYLOR (Water P.) Discov. by Sea Wks. (1630) 28/2 Like a wild Kestrell or vnmand Hawke. a1637 B. JONSON Sad Sheph. III. iii, No colt is so unbroken, Or hawk yet half so haggard or unmann'd.

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